If you are a manufacturer or exporter of cosmetic products and have a desire to conquer the market of the European Union countries, you must do the registration procedure for your cosmetic products.

The procedure goes through the assessment of the conformity of cosmetic products in accordance with EU regulations and directives. If say briefly: your product must meet EU standards for this type of product.

Requirements for cosmetic products on the EU market are regulated by Regulation №1223/2009.

The regulation prohibits cosmetic products whose ingredients or final composition have been tested on animals from entering the EU market. Carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic substances for reproductive health are also prohibited for use.

Conformity assessment consists of two main procedures: drawing up a Product Safety Report (CPSR) and notification. It sounds scary, but in this article we will explain this confusing issue.

Cosmetic products include a wide range of products. Direct contact with the human body is one common feature. It is this feature that is the reason for careful study of the physicochemical parameters of any cosmetic product.

A Safety Report (CPSR) allows you to make sure that the product under investigation is safe for use. It contains important data on the results of research on the composition and individual components. The procedure includes the creation of an information file, where each tool is marked with the appropriate marking and conditions of production compliance with EU legislation.

Notification is the process of entering cosmetic products into the pan-European database (CPNP). This process based on the basis of a product safety report.

So, we’re having dealt with the definition of the main terms! Now we can form the stages on the way to a successful procedure for evaluating the conformity of cosmetic products:

Successful completion of the first stage allows you to create a road map of the entire process of product registration and the final list of necessary documents for the creation of a dossier – PIF file.

In the case of registration of cosmetic products on the territory of the European Union countries, it is necessary to take care of the presence of an authorized representative.

This responsible person must register on the territory of the EU country, has full information about the products, is legally responsible for compliance with the requirements of cosmetics regulations and, if necessary, provides all necessary information at the request of supervisory authorities for control and monitoring of activities.

According to the Cosmetic Regulation (EU) №1223/2009, the authorized representative is legally responsible for a cosmetic product of a non-European manufacturer on the EU market.

All cosmetic products entering the EU market must have the following package of documents:

The Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of cosmetic products is developed based on the data of the manufacturer and the authorized person. It contains more detailed information about: composition, possible risks of harm to humans, rules of conduct in case of improper use, storage and disposal conditions. This document is important not only for export operations, but also for the end user to ensure the correct and safe use of the product.

Registration may be refused if the cosmetics do not comply with the established safety standards of a certain country or if an incomplete package of documents is submitted.

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