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Маркетингові дослідження Miasphera
Documentary support
To conduct any activity, it is necessary to collect technical documents: technical specifications, laboratory research, conclusions of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, etc. 
Certification of goods
Declaration or certification and the presence of an authorised representative who is a resident of Ukraine are mandatory conditions for bringing products to the Ukrainian market.
Юридичний супровід Miasphera
Legal support
When conducting your business in another country, legal issues may arise that are difficult to resolve without assistance and physical presence. We will help you.
Investment potential of Ukraine
  • As of 2023, at least 978 medical facilities have been destroyed or damaged by the war. Also, 650 ambulances and at least 596 pharmacies were damaged or destroyed. The reconstruction of medical facilities is planned and expected to be completed by 2026. The plan pays special attention to the formation of a European-style hospital network. EUR 14.4 billion has already been allocated for this purpose, and it is planned to build it:
    general hospitals
    cluster hospitals
    multidisciplinary hospitals
    university hospitals
  • Despite the war, Ukraine's healthcare budget is growing year on year, and the upward trend will continue. For 2023 alone, the budget of Ukraine envisages a total of UAH 206.8 billion in healthcare expenditures. Ukraine is committed to and fulfills the budget, bringing healthcare closer to European standards.
    medical guarantee program
    medicines, modern equipment
    epidemic surveillance
    current needs
  • The quality of medical care in Ukraine is improving despite the hostilities. Necessary reforms are being implemented with the support of Western partners. Ukraine engages international organizations to help develop the industry and annually purchases new modern medical equipment worth $5 billion. Data for 2022-2023:
    of medical institutions in Ukraine
    visits to doctors per year
    population of Ukraine
    billions USD
    for medical equipment annually
  • The Ministry of Health of Ukraine, with the help of international partners, is already working to restore medical infrastructure from the effects of the war. Over the past 12 months, 186 medical facilities have been fully rebuilt, and another 297 are under reconstruction. Further reconstruction of medical facilities is planned in four stages:
    medical care during the war
    restoration of the healthcare system
    improving the quality of health care
    technological development
Making the complex simple
MIASPHERA (Market Intermediation Agency)
Miasphera has extensive experience in the field of certification and declaration of medical products. We started by certifying products for our own manufacturing company. This is not an easy process, but we have established it in such a way that it has become another line of business for us.

Having travelled this path ourselves, we realised that there are producers and markets that are ideally suited to each other, but cannot meet. Therefore, we decided to support manufacturers on their way to conquering the markets and to open a new area of assistance to manufacturers in the field of certification and declaration of medical products.
Launching product in to the Ukrainian, European, and American market
Сфера Miasphera
Our expertise is confirmed by
GondDond Medical a giant in the manufacture of medical consumables for analysis (vacuum tubes, needles, tips, syringes, containers for biomaterial collection).
With more than 30 series, 800 categories and 90,000 products with specifications, WEGO has become one of the most trusted providers of medical system solutions in the world. At the same time, WEGO is actively involved in the healthcare sector and provides renal dialvsis services.
Асоціація операторів медичного ринку
The Association of Medical Devices Market Operators is a Ukrainian professional association that includes about 80 national manufacturers, importers, distributors of medical devices, cosmetic products, personal protective equipment, and disinfectants.
Funny Time is a Ukrainian brand that develops and produces educational games for children. It creates a space for children to play independently and spend family leisure time as opposed to gadgets that make children dependent and psychologically limited.
The Eximlab company has been known in Ukraine for 15 years as a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory glassware and control and measuring instruments. The company has its own production of blood sampling equipment, and our products are widely used in medical laboratories, clinics and hospitals.
FOYOMED has a wide range of products, including leading respiratory products, disposable medical devices, medical equipment and laboratory products. FOYOMED products are exported to more than 100 countries through a network of distributors and subsidiaries covering North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
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