Dear customers and partners!

We have important news for you. Miasphera has joined the Association of Medical Devices Market Operators (AMOMD).

The Association of Medical Devices Market Operators is a Ukrainian professional association that includes about 80 national manufacturers, importers, distributors of medical devices, cosmetic products, personal protective equipment, and disinfectants.

The main mission of the association is to promote the development and legal protection of the interests of all participants in this market. Such consolidation makes it possible to maintain healthy competition in the industry, influence legislative regulation and protect the professional interests of participants before the state.

Currently, Miasphera actively promotes its services specifically for national manufacturers of medical products. Therefore, cooperation within the Association is an important step towards dialogue and the establishment of new partnership relations.

The mission of Miasphera is to help businesses develop within the limits of legislative norms on the territory of Ukraine, thus making a significant contribution to the development of the country’s medical industry.

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