Promotion of the manufacturer
Promotion of the manufacturer and goods in the Ukrainian market, marketing support and further support and representation of interests in Ukraine.

We do not stop halfway. That is why, after passing through two stages, we offer the service of promoting the manufacturer in the market. As the country, mentality, promotion methods and sales channels are different in different countries. We are ready to help the manufacturer find its customer and the customer find the manufacturer.
Просування виробника Miasphera
Composition of the service
Create a page on the Miasphera website with information about the manufacturer, or create a landing page
Creation and maintenance of Ukrainian-language pages in social networks (Facebook, Instagram), Google Ads advertising
Posting information and articles about the manufacturer's achievements on thematic forums, websites, and online magazines
Participation on behalf of the manufacturer in exhibitions, private and public events and thematic meetings
On-site presentations from the manufacturer (in safe areas): product presentation, negotiations with customers
Отримання сертифікату, декларації та внесення в реєстр Держлікслужби
The process of promotion
We specialise in the promotion of medical products
The process starts with a presentation of the services we can offer. Next, we draw up a statement of work and define what we want to achieve through our actions. After agreeing on the ToR and the projected results, we proceed to signing the specification and carrying out the work.

As the promotion work progresses, we make a review and receive feedback from the manufacturer, and finalise the task based on comments, if any. Promotion is a very important and responsible process that requires constant communication with the manufacturer. As we progress, we finalise the concept and positioning.
Сфера Miasphera
Paving the way for a medical device manufacturer to enter the Ukrainian and European markets
Сфера Miasphera
Our expertise is confirmed by
GondDond Medical a giant in the manufacture of medical consumables for analysis (vacuum tubes, needles, tips, syringes, containers for biomaterial collection).
With more than 30 series, 800 categories and 90,000 products with specifications, WEGO has become one of the most trusted providers of medical system solutions in the world. At the same time, WEGO is actively involved in the healthcare sector and provides renal dialvsis services.
Асоціація операторів медичного ринку
The Association of Medical Devices Market Operators is a Ukrainian professional association that includes about 80 national manufacturers, importers, distributors of medical devices, cosmetic products, personal protective equipment, and disinfectants.
Funny Time is a Ukrainian brand that develops and produces educational games for children. It creates a space for children to play independently and spend family leisure time as opposed to gadgets that make children dependent and psychologically limited.
The Eximlab company has been known in Ukraine for 15 years as a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory glassware and control and measuring instruments. The company has its own production of blood sampling equipment, and our products are widely used in medical laboratories, clinics and hospitals.
FOYOMED has a wide range of products, including leading respiratory products, disposable medical devices, medical equipment and laboratory products. FOYOMED products are exported to more than 100 countries through a network of distributors and subsidiaries covering North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
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